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Singing, Sounding and Healing Journeys

In this Soulfull Sound conversation I speak with the beautiful Kiki Militsis who is a singer, a songwriter, recording artist and performance mentor, with diverse roots that bring a unique worldly quality to her musical passion and expression. 

In this episode, Kiki shares her experience of starting over as an artist and shares her ‘formula’ for success – intuition...

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What is the Soulfull Sound Podcast

Welcome to the Soulfull Sound podcast!

For so long I’ve been wanting to create a podcast to offer value and put out content that I believe will serve others in being better and doing better so that we can positively impact the world. One of the things that I’ve learned early on my journey is that to be of service to others, you need to start at home with yourself. It’s inside...

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5 Reasons Why Your Goals Fail

Goals are simply wants or desires with a directed outcome. 

Why set them? The answer is simple. Without them, you may find that many times you end up where you don’t really want to be or that your life has no direction. By setting a goal, it helps you to be the director of your life story.

I know that there are many of you who may be wanting to set goals, but feel a little...

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