Become A Qualified Sound Healer

Feel called to use your voice and sound in a healing capacity? Whether you want to go deeper in your own healing journey or facilitate others in theirs, this training is for you. You will learn everything you need to know to support your journey into a fast growing community of sound healers.

Join an amazing group of other seekers and healers and get support from like minded individuals. This online group training amplifies the power of energy and healing that can be cultivated and shared when people come together.

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Discover Your Sound

For those wanting to learn how to use their voice for healing, transformation, and impact.

  • Learn about the power of your voice and how to access it
  • Learn how to let go of judgement and embrace your unique sound
  • Explore your sound with curiosity, intention, and expression
  • Learn how to connect your soul's desires to your vocal expression
  • Develop a sounding practice that supports your transformation

The world needs to hear your voice like never before.

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You Can Heal Yourself

This 30-day programme offers you support on your healing journey. It combines listening to some powerful healing frequencies uniquely designed for self-healing and a daily journaling practice. This is great for anyone who wishes to heal physical discomfort, release emotional stress and feel relaxed as they go through a healing experience.

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