Healing with Voice 

Feel called to use your voice and sound in a healing capacity?  Whether you want to go deeper in your own healing journey or facilitate others in theirs, this training is for you. You will learn everything you need to know to support your journey into a fast growing community of sound healers.

Learn & Grow Together

Join an amazing group of other seekers and healers and get support from like minded individuals. Whether in-person or online, this group training amplifies the power of energy and healing that can be cultivated and shared when people come together.


Sound has been used for thousands of years in various cultures around the world as a tool for healing. Sound healing uses sound frequencies, resonance and vibration therapeutically, to balance a person holistically in order to create harmony and wellbeing. The application of sound can be manifested through toning, singing, mantras and the use of a variety of instruments like tuning forks, drums, chimes, singing bowls and gongs, to name a few.

Traditionally, if someone is physically ill, they go to see a medical doctor. If they are experiencing problems emotionally/mentally they go to see a psychologist. If they feel that they are in need of spiritual help, they seek out a religious or spiritual master to help. Sound healing is a drug-free and non-invasive way of treating physical, emotional and spiritual ailments, making it an extremely effective way of working holistically with clients. It works with the intention of serving the individual’s highest good, coupled with the best frequency to support that.

In science we learn that all substances including the human body, are made of tiny particles called atoms and molecules, and that they are constantly moving and vibrating. Each being, or object has its own unique vibration or frequency creating its own unique sound print in the universe. When we are in optimal health our body vibrates optimally, creating a beautifully composed vibration. When we feel unwell or have disease in our body, then the composition or vibration changes and can feel disharmonious. Sound can guide the body back into harmony and to its natural state of resonance by using congruent vibrations and frequencies.


Part 1: An Introduction To Sound Healing with the Voice

- The healing power of the voice
- The anatomy of the voice
- Accessing pure tone
- Breathwork
- The importance of grounding
- Understanding harmonics
- The theory of Sound Healing
- Chanting
- Chakras

Part 2: The Theory and Practice of Sound Healing

- Sound Healing fundamentals
- An understanding of healing energy
- Sound Meditation
- The importance of silence
- Setting Intentions
- Basic sound healing treatment
- Protection practices
- Using tuning forks
- Case studies

Part 3: Music as Medicine

- The body and sound
- The power of musical scales
- Understanding intervals
- Indian scale meditation
- Balancing the chakras
- Dissonance & Harmony
- Musical Scale Healing


Part 4: Sound Healing Through The Chakras

- Understanding the Chakras
- The Five Elements
- Sounds in Sanskrit
- Using the Bija Mantras for the Chakras
- Chanting for Healing
- Sound Healing Practice sessions
- Case Studies

Part 5: Course Review & Graduation 

Basic Sound Healing
Musical Intervals
Indian Scale
Bija Mantras
Sound Healing with Colour
Sound to Release Pain
Percussive Sounds in the Body
Distant Healing 
Sounding with Your Client
Setting Up Your Healing Practice


Qualification requires students to:

  • Attend all five parts of the Sound Healing Practitioner Course (in order and with the same tutor) **
  • Complete the 36 case studies
  • Complete the written work and extended essay
  • Attend the additional Sound Healing Workshops
  • Become a Student Member of the College of Sound Healing
  • Hold a current insurance and First Aid certificate

** PLEASE NOTE: All training dates need to be attended to complete the course. Please check the dates carefully. If you find you are unable to attend a weekend once you have booked, extra teaching will need to be arranged. Please note that there is a surcharge of £175 for this.


  • ‚Äč2 pieces of written work of approximately 600 words each will need to be completed after each training weekend
  • 36 case studies need to be done and written up (it is possible to do up to 4 treatments on one person, not 36 different people)
  • At Part 4 there is a practical evaluation where students give a supervised Sound Healing to another student
  • A final 3,000 word essay (This is marked by an external examiner)


  • Having a basic knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology
  • Being receptive to sounding with your voice
  • General sense of well-being and good health

What My Students Are Saying



The total cost of the course, with five training weekends and the course manual is £1375.

[FULL PAY] If paid in full at the time of booking the course cost = £1,300 (Discount £75)


[2-PAY] Payment can be taken in two instalments:
At the time of booking = £688
Four weeks before the Part 3 weekend = £688


[8-PAY] Payment can be taken in eight instalments:
At the time of booking = £175
Followed by 8 monthly automated payments of £175 

Total - £1400


[WORKSHOP ONLY] You can book for Part One as a stand alone workshop (CDP) = £275
To continue with the training the balance should be paid no later than 4 weeks before the Part 2 weekend. Balance = £1100
Total cost £1375

NB - payment LINKS will be offered following registration

Additional Costs Include:

  • Student Membership in College Of Sound Healing
  • Insurance
  • First Aid
  • Materials - Tuning forks, Drones (audio)
  • Additional Sound Healing Workshops

 For a detailed breakdown of additional costs, please click here.


Online - April - Nov '24

Part 1 -¬†April 20th¬†‚Äď 21st¬†2024

Part 2 -¬†June 22nd¬†‚Äď 23rd¬†2024

Part 3 -¬†July 20th¬†‚Äď 21st¬†2024

Part 4 -¬†September 21st¬†‚Äď 22nd¬†2024

Part 5 -¬†November 9th¬†‚Äst10th 2024

Time - 11am - 6pm (UK TIME) - Sat & Sun

All training delivered via ZOOM 

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