Born in Trinidad and into a globe-trotting family, I spent the formative parts of my childhood in Forest Hills, Queens, New York before returning to the Caribbean region. The sights and sounds of NY, were in stark contrast to those of my eventual home; Barbados. Everything was so much clearer and brighter, yet it was really what I heard that had the greatest impact on me at the time. Nature’s orchestra expressed itself at night through sounds and vibrations that struck me profoundly.

 “Your voice is like a snake, bending and weaving effortlessly through the grass. You have a gift!" - Eddy Grant

By the time I was seven I knew I wanted to express myself through sound and so, as I grew, I pursued singing with strong determination and dedication. Today I am fortunate to have toured the world as a singer, lectured at great London universities and to have authored a book on performance excellence. Working with large media organisations and with singers on primetime TV show The Voice UK added another fun dimension to my professional journey. Yet throughout my career, there was one question that kept popping up.

“What is it about the voice that has such a profound impact on the vocalist and the listener?”

As a child I was afraid to speak up, afraid of confrontation. From the booming voice of my dad to my teachers at school raising their voices in frustration, I learned how to stay quiet. The way I knew how to use my voice and express myself was to sing. It became my daily ritual after school to climb my favourite tree and sing to my heart’s content. Then, as a young adult, I seemed to attract confrontation. People who would shout, argue, and make demands of me. I realise now that they were opportunities to overcome my past fears.

I realised how my voice ‘saved’ me. I was able to manoeuvre life with relative ease because instinctively, I turned to vocalising to help me overcome challenges, release emotions, and invite joy.

One key thing I recognised from my experiences, is that when you are connected to your voice, that unique sound print that only you have, there is limitless potential in your life. 

Now I am able to recognise the struggle of others not being expressed, trapped in old patterns and being afraid to speak up, instead of feeling empowered and knowing that their voice matters. I believe that everyone has the right to express themselves authentically. And the cool thing is, I get to use my gift to help them overcome their obstacles and harness the power of their voice.

My journey so far has allowed me to exploit tools like, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Sound Healing and Shamanic practices; reflecting my intention to be more, to serve more.

Even through my diverse life events, passions and training, sound has been ever-present. It has been the common thread which now acts as the backbone of my work. These experiences have combined to influence my coaching style to help others connect with their authentic self and express their gifts into the world.