The Voice Revolution:

Harnessing the Transformative Power of Sound

Embark on a soul-stirring journey of self-discovery and healing with ourĀ inspiring audio experience. Begin your journey to unleash the transformative power of your voice, and create profound change within. Awaken the depths of your being and embark on a path of empowerment today.


5 Life-Changing Lessons.

Lesson 1

The Power Of Sound

Introduction to the Voice Revolution: Exploring the transformative potential of your sound and its impact on personal growth and well-being.  We will delve into the scientific principles behind how sound affects the mind, body, and emotions.

Lesson 2

Your Voice Matters

Learn why connecting with your voice truly matters and the benefits and impact you will create in all areas of your life when you do. We will also explore how your vocal expression can help you overcome challenges and step into your true potential.

Lesson 3

Vocal Foundations

Explore voice production and vocal care and learn techniques to harness the healing vibrations of your voice through sounding practices. Start building a healthy relationship with your voice.

Module 4

Sounding With Intention

Learn about the power of intention and how it can positively impact your life. Build your awareness of how you can use your voice as a catalyst for personal growth, self-empowerment, and impact.

Lesson 5

Sounding Practice

Integrating the Voice Revolution into Daily Life: Practical tips and techniques to incorporate the transformative power of sound into your everyday routine for ongoing personal growth and well-being.

About Your Trainer

Simone Niles is an expert coach, sound healer, vocalist and author, who offers grounded and practical teachings, focused on helping others use their voice for healing, transformation and impact. She is training the next generation of Sound Healer and Shamanic practitioners.

Simone is the host of the SOULFULL SOUND Podcast, celebrating the leaders, teachers and coaches who guide fellow humans to connect, heal and discover themselves, so they can express their gifts into the world.

Simone’s background in the music industry allows her the privilege of working with artists such as Eddy Grant, Third World, Tom Jones, Paloma Faith to name a few, and to work with primetime TV show, The Voice UK. 

Simone’s gift in using sound has touched many, through her healing, teaching and performing for more than two decades.


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