The Power Of The Breath

conversation Jun 24, 2020


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In this Soulfull Sound conversation I’m joined by the wonderful Jay Bradley who is a Breathwork healer and teacher living in Los Angeles. He is the author of LIVE LOOK FEEL – The 12-week guide to live longer, look younger & feel better and the creator of Chakra Balms™ 

In his book LIVE LOOK FEEL, Jay has taught readers how to find balance in all areas and to forge ahead through even the toughest of times.

Over the past few years, Jay’s passion and purpose became even more clear. After attending a small BreathWork class where he had a life – changing and out of body experience, he knew that he had found something beyond important! Knowing that if he could literally release a lifetime of pain and grief in one session, what could this do for others?

He has since trained with some of the top Breathwork teachers and has gone on to share this incredible healing modality with thousands of people both privately and in groups.

Healing is remembering who we are fully and completely. 

In this episode Jay talks about the power of using conscious breathing to relieve stress and anxiety, physical pain and overcome addiction - a few benefits of breathwork. He opens up about his personal story from being bullied as a child, to experiencing depression, and how his experience of breathwork helped him overcome and heal. Jay also drops a few tips on first steps for anyone new to breathwork.


Points of Discussion:

  • Jay's take on Breathwork (03:10)
  • The Benefits of a regular Breathwork practice (04:00)
  • How he uses Breathwork to help others reconnect with their inner power (08:09)
  • Tips for those new to this healing modality (09:38)
  • His story and journey into Breathwork (11:40)                 
  • Struggles that he has overcome? (25:28)
  • When he feels most in his light? (30:30)
  • His definition of healing (33:49)



Learn more about Jay and his work.

Check out his product Chakra Balms.

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About Jay Bradley

I grew up in a small town in Canada called Thunder Bay. I guess you could say that I was extra sensitive. Kids picked up on that pretty early, which led to constant bullying and physical attacks from Kindergarten to high school. 

I learned to hide who I was and slowly but surely, put layers of protection up in order to fit in and at the very least, to survive. Knowing I was gay didn’t help matters, so I worked even harder to hide the truth.

I used overspending, sex, sleep, coffee, and perfectionism to numb out.

The pain prompted me to begin a spiritual and emotional journey at age 20, because I knew that I deserved to feel better! I began to understand that my lack of self-love, self-worth, and the shame I felt for simply being me had taken over and that it would require work to remember who I really was.

I’ve worn many hats. I have worked as model and actor, catering manager, fitness trainer, health & wellness coach, Reiki Master, Hypnotist, and Massage Therapist and have experienced numerous healing modalities in my search to reconnect with my center.

All the while, just under the surface, lay the truth. That I was worthy beyond measure and that once I fully stepped into this, I could have all that I desired.

Then an invite to a small Breathwork group completely changed my life! It was as if I had released a lifetime of pain, shame, fear, self-loathing and grief in one session! I was blown away and also, completely hooked. I quickly made it my life mission to learn more and then to share this unbelievable healing modality with as many people as I could.

What inspires me the most is when I can help somebody to shorten their painful journey, to resurrect their life, and to remember who they truly are, a being of light, having a human experience!

Reconnecting people with their inner power and purpose so they can get busy living the life that they deserve, fills me like nothing else I have ever done.

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