How To Get Clarity On Your Path

coaching May 20, 2020

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Sometimes we feel as though we have reached a place in our lives where the path ahead of us is unclear. I mean right now this is the case for a lot of us during this global shift.

Living from day to day not quite sure where your life is heading. Some people are happy to be in that place where they allow themselves to end up wherever the tide takes them. And there are those who feel that they would like to take proactive approach and determine where their boat ends up. Only you can decide where you are now.

So how do you get clarity on which path to take at various points in your life?

Be flexible

When you are in a place where things are unclear and life feels a bit turbulent and unsettling, remaining flexible is very important. In stormy weather it is the tree that bends with the wind that does not break. Allow yourself to be like that tree and you will be standing strong when the storm clears. Being flexible requires an ability to see life’s obstacles as a right of passage. It requires a surrender to the moment so you can let things pass through you, with least resistance.

And a breakthrough occurs because of the perception of ‘the wall’. When we realise this, the wall becomes part of the process rather than an obstacle.

So whatever confusion you might be experiencing right now about what’s next, breathe through it. Do your best to let go of the frustration. The answers are there and will come to you when you’re ready to listen.

Get in touch with your intuition

There is a thought in coaching that ‘we have all the answers we need within us’. That if we can ask a question, on the other side of the same coin is the answer. In order to get in touch with our inner wisdom or intuition we must allow ourselves to be open to receive.

Intuition is a huge subject on its own, so I’ll just share a few ideas on how you can start tapping into yours. For me intuition is an inner knowing and sensory based response to the answers I might be seeking. Our bodies create different sensations to something that is a yes and something that is a no. You can sense this by asking yourself a question that you know the answer is an absolute no for you and then the same where you know it’s a definite yes. Just notice how differently yes and no feels in your body. It’s all about tuning in.

Look at it this way…

If you are listening to music, you may choose a specific CD or artist to listen to and by doing this you tune out other music for the time being. If you switch on the radio, you may tune in to your favourite station. What I am asking you to do, is to tune into a different station, one which you may or may not have yet discovered and allow your antenna to pick up its signals.

How will you know which songs to tune into specifically? The interesting thing is you don’t, but we all have a filter. You allow everything to pour in and your filter will decide what to let in and what is too coarse to fit through. Ask yourself a question, (what is the next for me to take right now?) allow whichever thoughts that pop up to come through and those that you find yourself attracted to the most are the ones that got through your filter. Now what is your sensory response?

Trusting your inner wisdom or intuition takes awareness and practice so you must hold the vision and trust the process.

Then there’s the ‘aha moment’.

Without the confusion, there would be no clarity and vice versa as they are two sides of the same coin. These breakthrough moments are precious and interestingly seem to appear out of the blue and by nature are spontaneous. It’s like the light has just been turned on and you are able to notice and understand things clearly.

Your realisations help you to make decisions on how to move forward in your life or which path to venture on next.

Trust your decision

Very often doubts arise when you are in a place of exploring something new. It is natural and nothing to be concerned about. This is when you must trust that you are making the right decision for you, for right now, as your inner wisdom knows what’s best for you.

I remember when I was training to be a sound healer that we learned a lot about the science behind sound and frequency and we also learned about the intuitive part that comes along with healing modalities. What often happens in a session is that things come up Intuitively to support the clients high is good. And I remember the doubts and internal dialogue that would often come up, saying things like ‘this can't be true, what if you're making all of this up?’ and so on.

What helped me to really get in touch with my intuition was to reframe those questions and instead ask myself, what if these things were true and to remind myself that it was just information coming through my filter and that the things that came through strongly, the things that popped up into my head were the things that I needed to pay attention to.

After some time of practicing to let things flow, noticing my sensory awareness and response, and trusting that what came through was right, for right now, for my client. This what was what allowed me to go even deeper into accessing frequencies and allowing my antenna to pick up its signals.

So when you want to get clarity on your path, you must be flexible because as I said earlier, life will throw its curve balls and you need to learn how to catch and throw it back out into the universe – keep that energy flowing. You must get in touch with your intuition because the answers are there, waiting to be heard, seen and felt. And then trust your decision. Trust what comes through for you. The more you lean into this trusting relationship with your intuition, the more it will show up for you.


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