The Time For Healing Is Now

motivation Jun 10, 2020

Was there ever a time where healing wasn't needed? No, but if there was a time that it was truly required, that is now.

You can't heal something that you're avoiding or ignoring. It must be faced head on. Open your eyes. Open your hearts. Enough is enough.

The world is going through major shifts right now. This also means that we as individuals are going through major shifts right now; as everything that is happening on the outside is a reflection of what’s going on the inside. This means that healing needs to start within each and every one of us so that something better can be reflected into the world. We need to do the work, inner and outer if we want to see change and healing occur.

The time for healing is now. 

We must reach deep within for the strength and compassion needed. We must heal our wounds and traumas. We must connect deeply with that part of us that knows better and that infinite wisdom that is there to guide us and we must act from this place, but, we MUST act. We must decide to heal, set the intentions for growth, peace and connection riding on the wings of love.

This all starts at home, with you.

The veil has been lifted and what we have managed to brush off,  avert our eyes and minds from will no longer be ignored. It is evident and plain for all to see! Now what will we do?

We must stand together in unison for healing and change. We must take bold steps in spite of fear. We MUST rise to the occasion and make a choice to be better and do better.

The time for healing is now. 

We must open our hearts, open our eyes, open our mouths, open our arms and embrace the new world we yearn for. For this world is filled with love, compassion, grace and peace and so how can we be more loving, more compassionate, more gracious and at peace.

Love yourself and others, be kind, make better choices, be silent, speak up, be daring, be committed, be open, be inspired and inspiring, be creative, be all the good you were created to be!

For if not now when? How long are we willing to wait and more importantly, what are we waiting for? Be a leader, join a cause, take one step in the right direction towards healing humanity. We can’t be an activist for everything, but we can be for one thing, ONE thing that truly matters to us. What matters to you right now? In this moment?

If there is one thing you can do right now, let it be this…

Make a conscious decision to love more, starting with yourself and share that love as liberally as you can. For this healing balm needs to spread across the world and touch the hearts of humanity starting with those closest to us. For this love is what will heal the disease and dissonance we are experiencing right now. For this love is what will ignite the action needed for positive change. For this love is our birth right and we must allow it to rise and heal the world because the time for healing, is now.


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