Unleashing the Power of Emotions and Voice

coaching Mar 27, 2024

Have you ever stopped to consider that your emotions might be trying to tell you something more profound than you realise? In the latest episode of the Soulfull Sound podcast, we peel back the layers of our emotional selves, exploring how each feeling, from joy to anger, acts as a neutral force shining a light on the inner workings of our psyche. As your host, I'll share personal insights and guide you on this enlightening journey, revealing how these natural energies can be both a source of great wisdom and a pathway to setting boundaries and catalysing change.

Get ready to unlock the potential of your voice as a transformative tool for expression and healing. We'll delve into the fascinating nuances of how our emotions shape the tone, pitch, and pace of our voice, and I'll walk you through a special practice to help you use sound to connect with and release emotional energy. Whether you're seeking deeper self-understanding or looking to assist others on their path to healing, this episode is a key step on your journey to harnessing the therapeutic power of your voice for enhanced emotional well-being.

Points Of Discussion:

0:01:28 - What Are Emotions
0:03:44 - The Voice of Emotions
0:11:38 - Practical Exercise

Resources & Links:

- Learn how to speak up in professional and personal settings - https://www.simoneniles.com/women-circle

- Join THE VOICE REVOLUTION! FREE Audio Training - https://www.simoneniles.com/the-voice-revolution

- Become a qualified Sound Healer:​ https://www.simoneniles.com/sound-healing-practitioner-training


About Simone Niles:

Simone Niles is an expert coach, sound healer, vocalist and author, who offers grounded and practical teachings, focused on empowering soul-driven creatives and entrepreneurs to use their voice for healing, transformation and impact .

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