Sound To Ground - Using Your Voice For Grounding

coaching May 08, 2024

Listen in as we explore the transformative practice of grounding and how it can foster a deeper connection to the present moment, offering stability and peace in our daily lives. In this engaging discussion, we unpack what it means to be grounded, shedding light on the electrical nature of our bodies and their intrinsic connection to the earth's subtle energies. We also delve into the signs of being ungrounded and the profound benefits grounding can have on reducing stress, inflammation, and improving overall well-being.

Join us for a practical session where I share a grounding technique utilising the power of your voice, designed to help you feel anchored and centered, no matter life's tumultuous tides. As we navigate a world increasingly filled with technological distractions, this episode emphasises the importance of establishing a grounding practice to reclaim our sense of inner balance and tranquility. Discover how to come home to yourself, finding safety and security within your own being, through the simple yet powerful act of connecting with the earth's supportive energy.

Points Of Discussion:

0:01:20 - What Is Grounding?
0:05:40 - The Voice As A Grounding Tool
0:10:25 - Practice

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About Simone Niles:

Simone Niles is an expert coach, sound healer, vocalist and author, who offers grounded and practical teachings, focused on empowering soul-driven creatives and entrepreneurs to use their voice for healing, transformation and impact .

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