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Voice, Rehabilitation & Healing

conversation Nov 06, 2019

In this Soulfull Sound conversation I speak with the fabulous Lucinda Allen who is a proficient and successful Voice & Singing Coach who works in both the Creative and Corporate sectors. Lucinda also leads the Vocal team at ICMP London in her post as Teaching Fellow in Vocals. 

In this episode Lucinda shares her take on healing and rehabilitation in the voice world and how she works holistically with clients. 

A lot of her work is about being the bridge for her clients to help them manoeuvre between their challenges and the creative work they do out in the world.

She speaks about honouring the authentic and primal sounds we make as a starting point for technique, expression and adding creative elements to one’s voice. She expresses primal sounds as a safe, sustainable and repeatable space where authenticity can be explored.

Also listen out for our heartfelt, spontaneous sounding near the end of this fun episode! 

Points of Discussion:

  • How she serves others (2:46)
  • Lucinda’s take on healing (12:28) 
  • How she approaches the balance between an authentic sound vs character sound (16:09)
  • Some of the obstacles she's had to overcome in her life so far (23:48)
  • Key advice for aspiring creatives (30:32)
  • Our spontaneous sounding together (55:30)



About Lucinda Allen 


Lucinda is a skilled practitioner in both the spoken and singing voice supported by her Distinction at Masters level in 'The Practice of Voice and Singing' from one of the UK's most reputable acting school Guildford School of Acting. Lucinda has worked with many accomplished and reputable individuals and organisations. These have ranged from performers in West End Shows, Recording artists, University Programmes and Corporate Organisations.  

Lucinda’s main aim throughout her career has been to collaborate with other practitioners building pioneering and exciting connections within the creative arts industry. Her work alongside Physio Ed Medical has allowed Lucinda to make innovative steps in bridging the gap between  treatment  and coaching.

Lucinda's love for performance fuelled an interest in the workings  of both singing and the spoken voice and continues to explore the connections between mind and body.

She is a strong believer that every person has the right to free and dynamic voice, and is keen to facilitate this through her in depth knowledge and talent in coaching and research.


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