The Transformational Power of Singing, Voice & Sound

conversation Dec 13, 2023

Do you believe in the transformative power of sound? Have you ever wondered how voice and sound can have a profound effect on your mind, body, and spirit? I had a resonant conversation with Davin Youngs, a musical innovator who harnesses the power of his voice and sound to serve as a catalyst for remarkable change. Davin takes us on a journey, from his earliest experiences of singing in his mother's womb, to his exploration of classical voice and his ultimate discovery of sound as a healing modality.

Davin shares how he found inspiration in Bobby McFerrin's work, leading him down the path of improvisation. We delve into the power of authenticity and how making new and unexpected sounds can lead us to our most authentic selves. We learn about the connection between sound and our bodies, painting a picture of an intimate bond between our physical and spiritual selves.

In the final segment of our conversation, Davin opens up about the impact of voice and sound in healing. He shares insights on how trauma manifests physically through tension, and how it can be released through our voices. We learn about the magic of group work and the divine expression of improv. Davin wraps up the discussion with his views on improvisation and its power to provide a safe space for healing. Tune in to this incredible episode to discover the powerful connection between sound, voice, and healing.

Points Of Discussion:

0:00:06 - Exploring Voice and Sound Healing
0:15:06 - Exploring Authenticity and Finding Your Sound
0:27:52 - Group Work and Divine Expression in Voice Training
0:35:07 - The Power of Voice and Connection
0:41:00 - Creative Practices
0:50:01 - Voice in Healing Trauma


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About Davin Youngs

Davin Youngs is a true musical innovator. He believes wholeheartedly in the transformational power of singing, voice and sound.

Davin has dedicated his life's work to using his voice to help others step into the power of their own. He is the creator of The RESET, an immersive sound experience where he relies heavily on his improvisational singing, looping and sound healing instruments to create a sonic container for restoration, discovery and healing. He has brought The RESET to iconic spaces like Chicago's famed Orchestra Hall, the roof at the Ace Hotel and Arcosanti in the Arizona desert.

In the lineage of Bobby McFerrin's circle songs, Davin has a passion and gift for leading others in improvisational singing. With this in mind, he created VOXUS, an experience that brings professional and corporate groups quickly and playfully into singing and spontaneous song. From Coca-Cola to Google to Chicago Public schools, Davin is one of today's most exciting and sought after voices in leadership and professional development. His innovative keynotes have been heard by groups ranging from corporate executives to community organizers and Presbyterian clergy.

Davin has been a voice coach for more than 20 years. He offers an innovative approach that helps others find freedom and ease not only in their voice, but in their life. He has catalyzed change for thousands of singers including prominent professional vocalists and hobby singers alike. At the crossroads of voice and life coaching, Davin created Free Your Voice, Free Your Life and hosts a highly rated podcast of the same name. There, he offers weekly inspiration and insight around using singing, voice and sound as a vehicle for personal growth and development.

Most importantly, Davin is a spiritual seeker. He credits much of his own personal healing and growth to meditative and contemplative practices. He is a prominent meditation teacher and sound healer on the Insight Timer app and hosts a weekly virtual meditation gathering called Sit Club, that is also offered as a podcast. Themes of mindfulness, meditation and contemplation are infused in all of his work and are an essential component of his creative offerings, coaching and teaching.

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