motivation Oct 23, 2019

I AM love and I am loved. Love runs through every part of my being and I feel loved by me and by others. My heart is open and ready to receive love. I am deserving of love. 

I AM light. Light surrounds me, lifts me, shines through me and is of me. I shine my light brightly and create a beautiful rainbow that ripples out into the world. I light up the world.

I AM abundant – all blessings flow through me and I have enough money, joy, happiness and my needs and wants are met because I AM ENOUGH.  I am connected to my source and am grateful for all the channels through which my abundance flows. I receive my divine inheritance. 

I AM beauty – inside and out. I respect and love my body because it is my temple. I see beauty all around me in art, music, science and nature and express and reflect this beauty out into the world.

I AM peace and I am at peace with myself, my family, friends, community and am one with nature. Peace expands and touches everyone and everything around me. Peace spreads across the planet and transcends all turmoil and conflict. 

I AM creativity personified. I am the muse through which the Universe creates its masterpiece that is me. I am creating all the time and make a positive impact with my creation.

I AM receptive. I am ready to receive all that is already mine. I tune in to the frequency that supports my growth and wellbeing.

I AM grateful. I am fill with gratitude for all that the universe provides. Thank you for the love, the guidance, the lessons, the connection and all that I am, because I am, enough.

I AM growing. Like nature of which I am, I plant seeds, nurture and release my roots deep into the earth so that I may stand strong, spread my branches and grow. I have everything I need – my soul is rich in nutrients and I am learning and growing every day.

I AM present. I am here now. I exist beyond hours, minutes and seconds. I live each day with awareness and mindfulness. I see, hear, touch, taste, smell and sense the universe around me and stand in awe of its presence which is me. 

I AM enough. I am deserving of everything good. I create all the good around me by nurturing the good within me. I share my goodness with the world. All good things are coming to me now. I am enough. 

I AM sound. I am the sound of the universe. I am a unique composition filled with harmonies, cadences and dynamics. My melody resounds beautifully into the world and works in unison with the universal frequencies of love, joy and happiness. I am the sound through which the universe chants and creates its symphony. 


I am that I am…

I am…I am…

*With thanks to Antoine Cotton for his piano compositions.


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