Your Healing Starts With You

motivation Nov 20, 2019

We are all perfect at our purest essence. 

Through life’s ups and downs and experiences we sometimes lose touch with this essence and lose connection with ourselves. However, when we remember that we are whole, and that harmony is our natural state of being, we can take practical steps towards reconnecting with our highest self. This is the healing I’m talking about here.

Whether you are experiencing physical or emotional pain it is important to acknowledge it. Acknowledging your pain, however, doesn’t mean to give it power by focussing on it, but simply to recognise that it is present. This recognition gives you an opportunity to uncover the cause, so that you can efficiently deal with the symptoms and invite healing to take place. 

Everything that you do is consciously or unconsciously supported by an intention. When you want to create balance and wellbeing, you must have that intention in mind so that it becomes your reality. An intention doesn’t have to be complicated or elaborate. You only have to tune in to your body, mind and soul to find what it is that you truly want. Set your intention - “I am healthy, I am whole, I am at peace”. Focusing on your intention can help you get back into the flow of universal energy bringing you back to harmony and reflecting this outwardly into your life.

Your thoughts and words have power. While you may have little control over the thoughts that enter your mind, you do have control over whether you give them power, by focussing on them, or whether you believe them to be true. The key is to accept them as they come into your mind with the awareness that they are just thoughts. Acknowledge them; let go of the ones that do not serve you and replace them with empowering thoughts instead. Just like it is important to feed the body food that will nourish you back to health (or keep you in good health), it is important to feed your mind words that will nourish your soul.

I am in good health - my body, mind and soul are in perfect harmony with the universe. I trust the process of life.

Utter the words and be receptive to your healing.

Being receptive is all about allowing yourself to be in the flow – connecting with that universal energy or frequency that runs through each of us. Remember that harmony is your natural state of being and so when you accept and surrender to that knowing; magic happens.

To surrender, just be open, relax and let go of the need for a particular outcome. It is not always easy to relinquish control and the key is in recognising that being in the flow is not about control, but instead about letting go and coming back home to YOU. 

Tune in to the frequency that supports you, then you are more receptive to healing taking place. Think of it like tuning in to your favourite radio station. The music is playing whether you tune in or not, but when you do, you find joy in listening to the sounds that uplift your spirit!

Take responsibility for your own healing because remember, Your Healing Starts with You.

*With thanks to Antoine Cotton for his piano compositions.


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