Your Gifts Matter

motivation Jul 31, 2019

When we are more connected with who we truly are, we create an opportunity to access our gifts – the things we are really here to do. I believe that we all have unique gifts to share. The world needs us to rise to the occasion and be bold in our expression. For it is within this space that we can truly serve others and create an impact in the world.

Remember a time when you were in one of your happiest moments. How did that happiness serve you and subsequently those around you? Most likely, it felt natural to smile or laugh, you felt lit up inside and it was contagious. Just like It’s natural for the sun to shine. It doesn’t stop shining at any point and stays in alignment with its gift.

When you are using your gifts:

  • You have a sense of purpose.
  • You are filled with joy and fulfilment.
  • You connect with your natural state of being.
  • Things begin to feel effortless and this is what ripples out into the world, starting with those closest to you and the domino effect it creates is endless!

When what’s inside ripples out, there is an energy exchange – the more you express your gift the more you inspire others to express theirs.

So what if more of us or all of us accessed our gifts and used them to serve the world? Could you imagine a world where there is more harmony and love? A place where people are more together than separate? Wouldn’t you like to live there? I know I would!

Your gifts matter because they are the essence of what you do. They are the cord that connects you to your higher self and when we’re connected to something greater, we are greater, we do greater and serve greater.

When we’re connected to something greater, we are greater, we do greater and serve greater. 

There are several reasons why your gifts matter:

  1. No one else has your unique gift and so only you can express it into the world. You have the right shine your light as bright as you wish! Just like the sun.
  2. You serve others when you use your gifts and this impact creates ripple effect out into the world.
  3. You live more authentically because you are expressing yourself fully and you inspire others.
  4. You can make a living doing what you love and/or make a difference loving what you do.
  5. You raise the vibration of the planet.

It is your birth right and you are responsible for nurturing, expressing and honouring your gift. You take on that responsibility by giving yourself permission to love yourself – giving yourself permission to heal, to start over, to let go, to be yourself, to make mistakes, to grow and to keep going no matter what!

You can honour your gift by expressing gratitude and using it to serves others. After all, it’s called a gift for a reason because it something you give to others and not keep to yourself.

It’s never too late to discover and share your gift because whether you use it for a lifetime or just for one day, you can create in impact in someone else’s life and that is what it’s all about. It’s time to explore and express your gifts because the world needs that more now than ever and you deserve the joy and fulfilment that goes along with it! It’s time to express your heart’s song into the world and bless us all with your composition. And I for one, can’t wait to hear it.

*With thanks to Antoine Cotton for his piano compositions


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