You Can Change The World

motivation Jan 22, 2020

The world is going through so much change right now and it’s hard to witness what we are doing to mother earth and by extension her inhabitants. You can see all the negativity splashed all across the media and sometimes it’s easy to feel defeated, deflated and on the verge of giving up. But we’re not defeated because we have created the space we now find ourselves in, and so it is us who is responsible for creating the positive changes needed in the world today. It takes one individual to affect another, and so when we come together as families, communities, cities, countries with a want, a need and a proactive approach towards creating a better world we can make miracles happen.

It all starts with you! your want, with your need and you taking action on the things that matter to you. You can’t be an activist for everything, but you can for at least ONE thing – one thing that truly matters to you. You can’t directly change everybody’s lives, but you can help positively change the life of one person. If we all made a positive impact on one person at a time – that multiplied WILL change the world.

What can you contribute to? What can you change? Don’t listen to that voice inside that says ‘it doesn’t matter what you do, because nothing will change’. That voice is wrong, because it does matter so instead say to yourself that, ‘I am the change I want to see in the world. One act of kindness can change a person’s life. I matter, so what I do matters.’ If we all stood up for change, no matter how small the step you think you can take right now, we would see a rippling out of positive transformation in the world.

Thinking about things and making plans are just the first steps, but so often it stops there, but If you don’t do it, it will not be done. You are a conduit for the universe, an instrument for change, a catalyst. How will you serve the world? How will you use your gifts and talents to create the shifts you want to see?

The effect you have on others in the most valuable currency there is. 

To change the world you have two choices, love or fear. Choose love and don’t ever let fear turn you away from your playful heart. 

Love yourself first and express that through everything that you do.

You are able and ready to do great things in this world. Expand, grow, serve, improve the quality of your life and others around you.

Decide to make a difference. Make a positive impact in someone else’s life. Create healing in the world through your thoughts and your actions and start with one step. What one change can you make today to uplift you so you can uplift those around you? What one action could you take this week to help someone else?

The world needs your love, your attention, your respect and you have a choice in how you express that. It’s never too late to change, it’s never too late to rise and it’s never too late to make a positive impact.

You can change the world and it all starts now, in this moment. What are you going to do to make a difference?

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