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Thoughts On The Four Agreements

conversation Dec 23, 2020


We're back for part three of the 'family affair'!

In this Soulfull Sound conversation I’m joined by a group of amazing individuals who happen to be some of my nearest and dearest. I am fortunate to be joined by Raphan Kebe,, Calvin Niles and Dr. Saida Désilets.

If you haven’t already watched/listened to our previous episodes make sure to check out “Finding Opportunity Within Challenge” and "The Inside Out Approach To Life".

In this episode, we share our thoughts on 'The Four Agreements', extracted from the book written by Don Miguel Ruiz, which are as follows:

  • Agreement 1: Be Impeccable With Your Word.
  • Agreement 2: Don't Take Anything Personally.
  • Agreement 3: Don't Make Assumptions.
  • Agreement 4: Always Do Your Best.
  • Agreement 5: Be skeptical, but learn to listen (a bonus one recently added)

 Tune in for the full scoop!



About My Guests:

Dr Saida Désilets

Dr. Saida Désilets wants to live in a world filled with audacious, sexually sovereign women, living life on their own terms.

As a counter-culture creatrix, body-philosopher and advocate for sexual sovereignty, Saida has also written The Emergence of the Sensual Woman followed by her newest book Desire.

Saida is renowned for being the founder of the modern Jade Egg movement and visionary spokesperson for sexual Sovereignty, and has created The Daring Project—a growing online membership of women from around the world—assisting women to audaciously move from being a victim to confidently thriving in life.




Calvin Niles

Calvin Niles is a passionate communicator and mindful living coach making a positive impact on the lives of leaders, entrepreneurs,  coaches and wider society through his services and products.

He combines the power of his experience in public speaking, coaching and business, to help people discover their voice and step into their power. One of his popular services is helping speakers create signature talks, exploit their story and boost their personal brand. He helps people mobilise their potential, whether selling from the stage, networking or delivering their message to large audiences.

Calvin has worked with hundreds of people from leaders in large corporates to SMEs, to solopreneurs and charities.




Raphan Kebe

Raphan Kebe is an international somatic movement teacher and trainer who offers grounded and practical teachings focused on helping conscious, intuitive, and artistic teachers to share their unique approaches to the practice of yoga, movement, and somatic inquiry. 

Raphan’s creativity and curiosity led him to develop his own innovative yoga-based movement method – SPACE & FLOW - which he teaches mostly through workshops and teacher trainings around Europe. He is the host of the TALKING TEACHING & FLOW Podcast, a podcast dedicated to the art of teaching and featuring teachers, trainers, and coaches of many different disciplines who all share a deep appreciation for the passing on of knowledge.



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