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The Power of Collective Intention

coaching Oct 30, 2019

Deepak Chopra  says,“Intention is the starting point of every dream. It is the creative power that fulfils all of our needs

 I use intention a lot in my practice because I notice that when we set an intention for anything, it guides our thoughts and actions, which are equally important with how we follow through. Intention brings full awareness to our minds and helps to make sure our actions are fully aligned with what we truly want. It also makes us more receptive towards achieving our goals.

Let us not confuse goals with intention. 

Goals target a specific outcome that is future based and often combines outlines and plans, laying out the steps you need to get there. Setting a goal is mental process of left brain thinking, analysing and reasoning. While I’m big on setting goals, I also recognise the importance of what drives them and that is intention.

For example, you may have a goal of making £10,000 per month, but what drives you to make that amount of money? The intention behind it could be something along the lines of “I have peace of mind and am free to travel when I want which makes my heart sing!” So again, we’re looking at what drives the goal and not the goal itself.

In order to look at the power of intention I’d like to invite you to try on the following perspective, to be receptive and open to possibly a new way of thinking. This is to understand that everything in life is essentially one. All energy on this vibrational planet is connected in one form or another. The foundations of mind and matter is consciousness - universal consciousness. And universal consciousness is a unified field of energy. Over the years several studies and research has been done about this unified energy field which connects all matter that exists on this planet.

"We are all one" is not just about a want or need to create unity in this world, but also to reflect that energy field that connects all atoms, all molecules and form as we know it. 

Why am I telling you all this? Because when we come together and set intentions and focus or meditate on them, we magnify the energy and power behind them. Setting an intention for yourself is already a powerful practice, so imagine it multiplied! It's like creating a laser focused energy that strengthens and ripples out into this unified energy field.

We see this in action all the time when people come together for a cause, whether it be a million man or woman march or a peaceful protest of some kind. The coming together, is an important part of the process and coupled with the same intention can reap potent results.

So let me break this down into steps:    

Step one– Set An Intention.

When you set an intention phrase it in the present tense because your intention is now, not in the future like a goal. You want to live your intention now because your unconscious mind does not know the difference between today and tomorrow – leave that for your conscious mind.

Here’s an example: I am the best version of myself as I serve myself and others.

Step two– Gather your group of willing participants and share your intention.

Step three – Come together at an organized time (physically or virtually) and focus on your intention through meditation, sounding, chanting, affirmations or whatever modality you choose for around 20 minutes.

If you are using affirmations, you can choose to speak the words of the intention you set. However, with other modalities like sounding and/or silent meditation you just need to hold your intention in mind.

Apart from the countless bits of research being done around this topic, I have found it to be a powerful tool in my business and life in general. From setting specific intentions with my team and focusing on them, to students setting intentions for their learning or sending a healing intention to a specific person or a part of the world.

Like anything you want to do well, you must practise. Start by setting daily or weekly intentions for yourself and spend a few moments focusing on it throughout the day and notice the impact it creates in your life. It can be simple to implement and yet the rewards are countless!


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