The Embodiment of Love

Sep 06, 2023

In this episode I am joined by Troy Hadeed who is a yoga teacher, author, and social entrepreneur who is continuously excavating the human experience, discovering what it truly means to embody love, and aiding humanity in realising that we are far more connected than we have been led to believe.

Our conversation ventures into the realms of mindfulness and spirituality, exploring the notable dichotomy of 'being' versus 'doing'. Troy offers insights on how we can develop a relationship with our minds, which he likens to a demanding child. He underlines the importance of undivided attention in shaping our realities. Not to be missed is our thought-provoking discussion on identity and energy, examining how societal conditioning enhances individuality and how science and spirituality surprisingly converge to affirm our existence beyond physical bodies.

We also explore the transformative power of breath. Troy illuminates how breath connects us to our essence and underlines the significance of relationships rooted in love and understanding. He shares personal experiences that highlight the profound impact of navigating relationships through a lens of love. Together, we embark on a fascinating exploration of purpose, love, and the pursuit of making a difference. So, get ready to be inspired by Troy's journey and gain a fresh perspective on mindfulness, spirituality, and relationships. This episode promises to be a meaningful adventure.

Points Of Discussion:

0:00:06 - Finding Purpose and Making a Difference
0:16:04 - The Balance Between Being and Doing
0:30:15 - The Nature of Identity and Energy
0:39:11 - Exploring Identity, Breath, and Relationships
0:50:43 - The Power of Love in Relationships


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About Troy Hadeed

Troy Hadeed was born in Trinidad & Tobago and after graduating from university he traversed Costa Rica coast to coast on foot, has spent prolonged periods in silence, and has immersed himself in the study and practice of Yoga.

While his Asana practice only began about 15 years ago the underlying teachings of ‘living yoga’ have been a part of his life as long as he can remember. In the last decade he had the honour to further his study, practice, and teaching under the guidance of amazing teachers like Ryan Leier, Seane Corn, Father Joe Pereira (Iyengar Yoga), Baron Baptiste, Srivatsa Ramaswami (Vinyasa Krama), Leslie Kaminoff, Jess Robertson, and Ted Grand…among others. To these teachers, Troy bows in humility and expresses his gratitude.

Troy has come to understand that the practice of yoga as a practice that transcends physical postures, or any other box we are tempted to put it into. He views the practice as a ‘training ground’ of sorts. A place where we deepen our relationship to our mind, our breath, and our personal understanding of God through intimate and intentional focus—a place where we essentially practice the art of being present. As a ‘teacher’ Troy’s intention is to share a depth of practice that embodies a form of prayer, and allows every practitioner to connect to something beyond the physical aspects of the practice.

Troy always had a longing within him to write. He actually wrote his very first publication at age ten— A plea to the world for an end to war and environmental destruction. That editorial of a ten-year-old was published in his national newspaper and directly sent to President George W. Bush, Saddam Hussein, and Mikhail Gorbachev (With the help of his amazing mother). It would appear that he was on a mission.
Now 20 years later, it all makes sense—a series of divinely inspired experiences have all come together with precision. Troy completed his first book in 2022 and his journey as an author is merely beginning.

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