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conversation Feb 21, 2024

Join me in a fascinating exploration with the incredibly talented Michael Reiley, whose mastery in intertwining sound, mindfulness, deep listening, captivates our latest podcast journey. Listen in as we traverse Michael's musical voyage, from the first touch of piano keys to the ethereal realms of ambient soundscapes. His narrative unfolds a tapestry where meditation and music converge, inspired by his encounter with the work of Pauline Oliveros and the profound practice of Deep Listening. Michael shares how this fusion not only propelled his personal growth, but also expanded his auditory perception during a transformative retreat.

Venture into the realm of sound and its pivotal role in well-being, where Michael and I examine the resonance between our inner and outer landscapes. Through our discussion, we uncover the delicate balance of therapeutic music in settings like hospice care, where melodies serve as a gentle companion to those in life's final chapter. Our conversation also shines a light on the intricacies of intuition and scientific knowledge in crafting music that heals, underscoring the importance of both the tangible and intangible in this sacred art form.

Wrap up your listening experience with a deep appreciation for the spontaneous magic of musical improvisation. Discover how Michael and other artists harness intuition and theory to create spontaneous compositions that resonate with audiences, allowing for a shared, co-creative journey. As we conclude, our hearts yearn for the stillness of silence, a luxury not afforded to all. Michael and I share a collective wish for more silent nights and the space for deep listening, hoping for a future where peace and tranquility are accessible to every soul around the globe.

Points Of Discussion: 

(0:02:21) - Music and Meditation Intersection Exploration
(0:08:19) - Deep Listening's Transformative Power
(0:22:16) - Exploring Sound Healing and Musical Evolution
(0:30:46) - Sound Healing With Therapeutic Music
(0:43:38) - Exploring Intuition and Improvisation in Music
(0:49:32) - Musical Improvisation and Sonic Color Therapy
(0:58:52) - Yearning for Silence


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About Michael Reiley:

Michael Reiley has dedicated more than two decades to a prolific career as a musician, producer, and collaborative artist. His extensive body of work includes crafting music for dancers, filmmakers, and diverse applications for esteemed clients such as Wavepaths and IKI Health. His creative talents have extended to sound installations, performances around the globe, and the production of over 20 albums, showcasing his multifaceted contributions to the arts.

In his current pursuits, Michael has taken on the roles of producer and co-host of the renowned weekly podcast Sounds of SAND for Science and Nonduality. He further amplifies his impact as the editor of SAND’s influential blog and website, playing a pivotal role in sharing in the ancient and cutting edge wisdom at the intersection of science and spirituality.

Deep Listening®, following the lineage of the visionary Pauline Oliveros, has profoundly shaped Michael’s artistic trajectory since his first project working with Pauline in 2007. Today, Michael holds a position as a faculty member at The Center for Deep Listening @ RPI. Here, he leads and facilitates Deep Listening Intensives in collaboration with a remarkable cohort of fellow Deep Listeners. Michael also curates a weekly meditation on sound group (Sound Sangha), seamlessly aligned with the principles of Deep Listening, mindfulness, music, and silence providing a dedicated space for inner and outer exploration.

Additionally, Michael leads and co-leads mindfulness, sound, and Deep Listening workshops both independently and in collaboration with his partner, Monica, through their creative and educational endeavor known as Listening Bodies.

A consummate musician, Michael’s dedication to music remains unwavering. In response to the global pandemic, he has channeled his creative energies towards exploring the healing and meditative dimensions of his craft. Trained as a therapeutic musician through the Music for Healing and Transition Program, Michael has lent his musical talents to individuals in hospice care while honing his skills in the realm of improvised music for one-on-one healing interactions. He extends these therapeutic modalities at ASHA, an Italian retreat center and community where he resides, offering in-person healing sessions alongside recorded albums designed to facilitate personal meditative experiences.

Drawing upon his deep-rooted expertise in Deep Listening, his affiliation with MHTP, and his training in meditation through the Science of Mindful Awareness, Michael also takes on the role of a meditation guide. He leads meditation groups that emphasize the transformative potency of sound and silence as tools for meditation and spiritual awakening.


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