Singing, Sounding and Healing Journeys

conversation Jul 31, 2019

In this Soulfull Sound conversation I speak with the beautiful Kiki Militsis who is a singer, a songwriter, recording artist and performance mentor, with diverse roots that bring a unique worldly quality to her musical passion and expression. 

In this episode, Kiki shares her experience of starting over as an artist and shares her ‘formula’ for success – intuition + intention + action. She makes the point that everything we experience (even if unpleasant) gives us an opportunity to learn and grow.

Kiki speaks about the demands of the music industry and her wish for the industry to place more value on the artists and their artistry. She also expresses how important it is to look after ourselves as artists and shares some tips on how to do this.

You need silence to separate yourself from the noise so that you can hear yourself. 

Kiki also opens up about her personal healing journey and the realisations she encountered on her way back to health. A very heartfelt and touching story…

Points of Discussion:

  • Practical strategies for ‘starting over’ as an artist in a new place (8:50)
  • What Kiki would change about the music industry (15:40)
  • Who she’d like to collaborate with and why (20:50)
  • The role that her songwriting and performing plays on her personal development (23:00)
  • Her personal self care tips being a busy performer (27:45)
  • Her healing story and what she had to overcome (36:35)
  • What inspires her (56:05)


About Kiki Militsis


Born and bred in Lusaka, Zambia to Greek parents, Kiki furthered her education in London with a BA in Music (Brunel University) and MA in Music Performance (Kingston University). Aside from her diverse live and studio experience, Kiki has taught at Performing Arts Schools and colleges, including The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP), London.

She has also regularly judged for “Live & Unsigned” and “Open Mic UK”, the UK’s biggest Nationwide Music Competitions for original bands and singers, and continued in this setting upon returning to Zambia where she was a judge on Nationwide TV Talent show “Dreams”.

She continues to mentor budding performers and has been a regular at various annual festivals where she has opened for various International headline acts including Brian McKnight, Joe and Josh Stone, gaining regular coverage in local media and newspapers.

Her music incorporates a fusion of pop, soul, rock and jazz with an ethnic edge in honour of her diverse roots and international upbringing.


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