Live Your Dream

motivation Dec 18, 2019

We all have dreams and desires in life - whether related to our work, family, health or other aspects of life. To bring these dreams and desires to life you need to acknowledge them, appreciate them and take action on making them a reality.

Just because your dream hasn’t happened yet it, doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen. We all go through ups and downs, disappointments and all have challenges, because pain is a part of life. Sometimes the things we experience just don’t make sense and we fall into despair or sadness and think, why me? There will always be forces trying to convince us to settle where we are, and it is easy to settle for mediocrity even though we have so much potential. 

Pain is not there to stop you, it’s there to prepare you for all that is yours for the taking. Challenges create an opportunity to grow, to learn, to gain confidence, to rise and to conquer so that you can make the changes you want in your life. So that you can vibrantly express your dream into the world. 

Sometimes our dreams get covered up by fear, rejection, past failures, hopelessness or by playing small. But deep inside you there is also joy, hope, desire, will and limitless possibility. So, what are you going to uncover? What are you going to tap into? Is it the fear and hopelessness? Or is it the joy and potential that is yearning to be explored? 

You are not alone on this journey, but only you alone can choose to ignite your dream, to nourish it and to live it! Only you can uncover it by peeling away the layers that have overtime created a cocoon. Well - now it’s time to fly! Time to spread your wings in all their glory and move forward. Take a step towards your dreams.

All the resistance that is coming up for you just tells you, that your dream is still alive; that there is work to be done. There is always tension before there is release. Use the tension don’t resist it. The more tension there is right now, the bigger your release will be.  See your challenges as temporary, and as lessons, so that as you spread your wings and grow, you are stronger, more resilient and more determined.

Your dream is yours. You have a choice to stay asleep or to right now wake up and live your dream! Shake off the fear, shake off the doubt, shake off the negativity and breathe in an unshakable knowing that this your time, your dream and you can make it a reality. 

You deserve abundance, love, joy, friendship, fulfilment. Whatever it is that you dream for yourself, it is yours. Take these steps: acknowledge your dream (make no apology for having it), appreciate your dream (be filled with gratitude now for what you want in the future) and take action on making it a reality. 

Step into your strength, your willingness, your determination and align them with bold action. Open yourself to greatness, to success, to going beyond expectations and in all this remain flexible. Your dream is calling your name! Answer…

Go out there and live your dream!

*With thanks to Antoine Cotton for his piano compositions.

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