Leading With Joy And Authenticity

conversation Jan 17, 2024

Join us on the Soulfull Sound podcast as we engage with the remarkable Tatyana Sanikovich, an expert in mindful leadership and organisational culture. In our conversation, Tatyana shares her transformative journey from an aspiring interpreter to a seasoned HR professional, passionately advocating for effective communication and conscious leadership within the workplace. Listen in as we discuss the vital role of leaders who take up their mantle with a deep sense of responsibility and the bravery to enact positive change, all while fostering a workplace brimming with joy and mindful awareness.

Step into a world where authenticity in leadership is not just encouraged but celebrated. In this episode, Tatyana and I explore the power of wonder, enjoyment, and playfulness in boosting creativity and making pivotal decisions in our careers. Discover how joy can serve as a compass in our professional lives, guiding us when to stay the course or when to change direction. This dialogue delves into the necessity of aligning our actions with personal values and the courageous act of differentiating between our own aspirations and those imposed by others.

Concluding our heartwarming episode, we tackle the often challenging yet rewarding art of mastering difficult conversations with empathy and grace. Uncover the importance of emotional intelligence and communication skills, as well as the courage it takes for women, especially those who are introverted, to find their voice in leadership roles. I also share insights into the celebration of authenticity and the simple sounds that resonate with our souls. Our exchange culminates with a note of gratitude, extending an invitation for you to continue exploring these themes and, perhaps, take a step towards your own goals, inspired by a place of peace and love.

Points Of Discussion:

0:00:06 - Leadership and Joyful Connection
0:11:17 - Authenticity and Joy in Leadership
0:26:11 - Navigating Difficult Conversations Mindfully and Gracefully
0:36:22 - Exploring Emotional Intelligence and Communication Skills
0:43:43 - Finding Confidence in Speaking Up
0:55:31 - Celebrating Authenticity and Soulful Sounds


Resources & Links:

Website: at www.tatyanasanikovich.com
Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tatyanasanikovich/
Course: http://tiny.cc/Confidence-catalyst
Offerings: http://tiny.cc/bio-and-services


About Tatyana Sanikovich

Tatyana Sanikovich is an international leadership coach and consultant who specializes in supporting individuals and organizations in finding mindful tools to navigate their personal and professional challenges and changes in a conscious and joyful way. After serving 12 years as Director of Human Resources at the Esalen Institute – one of the world’s leading centers on human potential – Tatyana has been helping companies and senior executives transform.She excels when guiding executives and teams through change and in transforming workplace cultures by fostering engaged and motivated workplaces, and facilitating difficult conversations for personal and professional growth.

Tatyana currently teaches courses on cultivating confidence and gaining greater clarity for new and established leaders. She also consults with the organizations in assessing and addressing culture climate challenges and leading effective professional development programs that result in greater staff retention and engagement. Her work is informed by both brain-based research as well as alternative modalities she developed while serving as the director of Human Resources at the Esalen Institute.

When speaking to the media and her clients, Tatyana emphasizes the importance of bringing a sense of joy into the workplace through greater awareness and insight. A native of Belarus, Tatyana originally wanted to be an interpreter and now leverages that passion to help leaders interpret their culture and teams in ways that help staff thrive and companies grow. She also maintains a coaching practice helping individuals to understand their values and talents in order to become more effective leaders and creators.
Tatyana earned her bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and resides in Monterey, California. She publishes a monthly newsletter and hosts LinkedIn Lives on topics ranging from burnout and imposter syndrome to stress management and well-being strategies.


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