Journey to Bliss Through Ancient Wisdom and Modern Neuroscience

conversation May 22, 2024

Unlock the secrets to a serene state of being as Dr. Dawson Church guides us through the power of meditation and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to enhance our lives. Experience the profound impact of simple actions, such as relaxing your tongue, which has been shown through MRI studies to stimulate the vagus nerve, introducing us to a more blissful existence. Dr. Church's journey from a challenging childhood to a prominent figure in stress and trauma research offers a testament to human resilience and the untapped potential that lies beyond our hardships.

This episode doesn't just skim the surface; it takes you deep into the neuroscience of happiness, joy, and bliss. We uncover the ancient wisdom of positive thinking with a modern twist, learning how the repetition of substituting negative thoughts can transform our lives. Dr. Church shares personal anecdotes, including the surprising bliss that followed a devastating wildfire, and how such experiences can rewire our brains. The discussion also ventures into the potent effects of chanting and humming, and how these practices can amplify our meditative experiences and combat the brain's negativity bias.

Finally, we explore how our internal transformations have the remarkable ability to extend outward, influencing people and spaces around us through radiant energy. Dr. Church talks about the power of names and vibration, offering insights into how a change in identity can serve as a channel for healing. We wrap up with ethical considerations in energy healing, and how combining ethics with neuroscience can simplify and empower our spiritual practices. Join us for a compelling conversation that promises to leave you with a newfound sense of peace and purpose. 

Points Of Discussion:

0:02:30 - Evidence-Based Techniques for Healing
0:10:50 - Neuroscience of Bliss and Meditation
0:23:25 - The Power of Radiant Energy
0:31:10 - Power of Naming and Tapping
0:45:24 - Exploring Ethics and Neuroscience in Healing
0:50:35 - Eco Meditation - LIVE DEMO

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About Dr. Dawson Church:

Dawson Church is a best-selling science writer and the author of three award-winning books. The Genie in Your Genes broke new ground by showing that gene expression is influenced by emotions. Mind to Matter is based on hundreds of studies showing that our brains play a key role in constructing the reality around us. In Bliss Brain, he demonstrates that as we cultivate peak states, our brains rapidly rewire themselves for happiness. He is the founder of the Veterans Stress Solution, which has offered free PTSD treatment to over 22,000 veterans. After retiring from active business management, Dawson has continued to teach and inspire through his presentations, podcasts, books and blog posts.

To promote research and humanitarian work, in 2007 Church established the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare (NIIH), a nonprofit institution aimed at promoting evidence-based healing modalities. He has worked with over a thousand clients suffering from chronic pain, measuring average symptom reductions of 68% (Church & Brooks, 2010).

In 2008, NIIH initiated the Veterans Stress Solution, a pioneering project that connects veterans with PTSD to energy therapy practitioners. It has since provided free treatment to more than 22,000 veterans and their family members. Twice, Church has been invited to testify before US Congressional committees. His work has been referenced in many media outlets such as USA Today, CNN, BBC, the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and Parenting.

Church’s most recent research focuses on self-transcendent experiences, such as those found in deep meditation and “flow” states. fMRI research demonstrates that the EcoMeditation method he developed results in rapid brain remodeling, downregulating regions associated with suffering and increasing activity in brain areas linked to compassion and happiness.


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