Healing and Thriving In Relationships

Nov 22, 2023

Join us on the Soulful Sound Podcast for a transformative conversation with the charismatic Persia Lawson. A three-time author and renowned dating and relationship coach, Persia specialises in guiding career-focused women towards healthy, meaningful relationships. As we traverse through her own journey of self-healing and growth, she unravels the power of focusing on the inside to change the outside, a piece of wisdom bestowed upon her by her father that changed her life. Listen in as she explores the significance of romantic relationships as vehicles for profound healing and growth, impacting not just the couple but their loved ones, communities, and the world.

This episode is a goldmine of insights into recognising signs of toxic relationships, taking responsibility for our own patterns, and the art of conscious choice. Persia passionately speaks about the power of self-responsibility and acceptance, and the critical role of introspection in addressing codependency to enhance self-worth. Further on, we unpack how heartbreak can become a catalyst for healing and growth, turning life's 'grit' into 'pearls', and the importance of shared passions in creating a 'power couple' relationship.

Stay with us as we navigate the world of dating and relationships, discussing the four missing pieces of the courtship puzzle: magnetic energy, powerful discernment, effective communication, and radical surrender. Persia shares her insights on her book and podcast "Love is Coming" and her unique program, "Love for Leaders". She also provides a valuable perspective on both polyamory and monogamy, highlighting the significance of communication, boundaries, and self-responsibility. Lastly, we discuss the joy of giving, serving ourselves and the world, and the beauty of turning desires into acts of kindness. This is an episode you won't want to miss!

Points Of Discussion:

0:00:06 - Career-Focused Women's Dating and Relationship Coaching
0:10:23 - Recognising Signs of Toxic Relationships
0:21:33 - Healing
0:25:29 - Turning Heartbreak Into Healing and Growth
0:35:49 - The Power Couple Relationship
0:42:33 - Navigating the Dating World With Success
0:49:48 - Navigating Relationships and Paradigms
0:54:34 - Love Is Coming
0:59:10 - Desires and Giving for the World


Resources & Links:

Website: https://www.persialawson.com/homepage
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/persialawson/
Take Persia's Love For Leaders Scorecard: https://persia-lawson.scoreapp.com/


About Persia Lawson

Persia Lawson is a dating & relationship coach, 3x author & speaker. She specialises in getting career-focused women healthy, exciting, meaningful relationships that are a force for good, not drama.

Persia has been coaching for over a decade and is certified in cognitive behavioural therapy. She is the resident dating expert for the global dating app, Badoo, and the elite matchmaking agency, Bowes-Lyon Partnership.

Persia was honoured to be called “one of the UK’s most successful love coaches” by The Times and an “irreverent British guru” by Marie Claire magazine. She hosts a top 3 podcast, Love Is Coming (the same title as her latest book), and her work is regularly featured in Vogue, Cosmopolitan and the BBC.

Her signature mentorship programme, Love For Leaders, typically gets clients remarkable relationships within 6-12 months (as Persia is a certified wedding celebrant, she has even officiated several of their weddings!)

Persia believes that romantic relationships are a vehicle for profound healing and growth, and should have a positive impact on not only the couple, but their loved ones, communities - and even the world.

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