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6 Steps To Explore Your Purpose

coaching Oct 02, 2019

This week I’m going to speak about a hot topic for my community and that is how to explore what you’re here to do – how to explore your purpose or gift.

First let me give you some context about my take on this topic. While I believe we are all here to play our unique part in the world and that we all have unique gifts to share, I do not believe that this is rigid or static. I think that as we evolve, the nature of what we’re here to do evolves and within that evolution we can tap into our natural gifts and express them into the world. So the steps I’m about to dive into are not a one-time experience, but instead a process that you can repeat throughout your life to stay within alignment with your purpose.

Here’s a snapshot of a couple steps:

1.    Bring your head and heart together

Very often you hear the debate on which is better to use in certain circumstances, heart or head. Well you have both for a reason and they both help in their own way. Your heart and your head are like two advisors. They behave in different ways and use different vocabulary. Our head is where the reasoning, logic, and thoughts dwell. It’s what we use to think things through and debate the “pro’s and the con’s.” Our heart is where our intuition resides.  It’s the source of that little voice that guides us, if we let it.  Our heart is where our True Self resides, our Inner wisdom, Higher Self – the only one that truly knows what is best for us. Without practice, it’s harder to hear our heart. This is where your values come in. Your values are like the glue that connects both heart and head because they are important to you deep down and affect how you manifest things practically in your life. What you value matters. Some of my core values for example are being of service, compassion, love – meaning that these things affect every choice I make. It also means that when I feel I am being of service to others, that I am compassionate and come from a loving place that I am more aligned with what I’m here to do – no matter the medium I choose to manifest it. And so, when exploring your purpose, it is important to connect your heart and head.

6.    Go out and play

Notice I used the word PLAY. When you are using your gifts, you are filled with joy! The only way you will truly know if you’ve found your purpose is by taking action and taking your findings out for a test run. This means that you’ve got to take action. The good news is that once you’ve taken the first 5 steps, you will have narrowed down your options to things that really mean something to you.

When in doubt about your purpose, be of service! Go out there and serve others, as this continues to help you evolve and discover more about YOU and your purpose. 

Find new things to explore, do something in a different way and be curious! Through your play, you will discover things you don’t even know about in this moment so just start with one step and then, take another. They all add up…

Here’s a summary of all 6 steps:                                                                   

  1. Bring your head and heart together
  2. Remove obstacles
  3. Get in touch with your Intuition
  4. Explore the clues in your life
  5. Think big
  6. Go out and play

Make sure to listen to entire episode to get the full scoop!



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