5 Reasons Why Your Goals Fail

coaching Jul 31, 2019

Goals are simply wants or desires with a directed outcome. 

Why set them? The answer is simple. Without them, you may find that many times you end up where you don’t really want to be or that your life has no direction. By setting a goal, it helps you to be the director of your life story.

I know that there are many of you who may be wanting to set goals, but feel a little resistance because for you it’s all about the journey. Well the definition of a journey is – ‘travelling/going from one place to another’.

A journey exists because of a starting point and an end point. This does not mean however, that you need to be rigid or that your focus needs to remain on the destination rather than journey. In fact, once you have the destination sorted, I thoroughly recommend you enjoy yourself on route!

So allow yourself to relinquish any resistance you feel and know that the goals you set today will allow you to enjoy your journey even more as you see it unfold.

Now here’s why you’ve set goals in the past that you just let slide or didn’t take action towards achieving and how this old way of goal setting is a guaranteed way to sabotage your success.

Here’s what might be stopping you:

  1. Your goals are not aligned with what you really want.
  2. Your goals are based on a ‘should’ not a MUST.
  3. Your goals are not clear enough.
  4. Your goals are too big for the proposed timeframe.
  5. You recycle past unachieved goals.

Listen in for all the details in this straight to the point episode!




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