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069: Katy Samwell on Unleashing Your Power With Sound & Voice Medicine

On today’s episode of the Soulfull Sound Podcast, I am joined by the gorgeous Katy Samwell. With 20+ years working with voice, sound and music mixed with over a decade of experience in inner work and holistic training in many different healing modalities, Katy's mastery is helping people clear stuck emotional energy to unleash their truest, most powerful wild selves, using the ancient healing remedy of Sound & Voice medicine.

We take you on an inspiring journey as we explore her beginnings in the music industry and her passion for voice, which led her through various career paths, including working in a bank, a foreign currency exchange, and eventually finding her way to Warner Music. Throughout her career, Katie faced challenges in the music industry and struggled with abandonment issues, but her love for sound and voice continued to drive her towards helping people clear stuck emotional energy and unleash their truest, most powerful selves through the ancient healing remedy of sound and voice medicine.

Together, we dive into the fascinating experience of channeling different energies and voices through sound healing, the importance of tapping into one's authentic voice, and the beautiful transformation that can occur when we connect with our unique sound. We also discuss the power of authenticity and trust, as well as the concept of tapping into our "unstoppable superpower," which emerges when we recognize and embrace our innate strengths and abilities. Finally, we touch on Katie's creation of her album, Medicine Songs, and her upcoming course, The Sound of Courage, designed to help individuals express their true voice and build courage in all aspects of their lives. Join us for this soulfull conversation and discover the power of sound and voice in healing and transformation.

00:00 - Intro
0:01:12 - Exploring Music Career
0:09:34 - Exploring Spiritual Journeys and Healing
0:14:58 - Chasing Love Through Self-Alignment
0:22:39 - Polyphonic and Harmonic Sounds
0:24:00 - Tapping Into Authentic Voice
0:32:47 - Living & Sounding in the Moment
0:38:09 - The Culture of Kindness
0:44:38 - The Superpower of the Blink
0:47:42 - Medicine Music
0:53:49 - The Power of Being Yourself
0:58:22 - Finding Courage Through Expression

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