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066: Steven Washington on Soul Care And Mindful Movement For Overcoming Addiction

On today’s episode of the Soulfull Sound Podcast, I am joined by the wonderful Steven Washington who is the author of Recovering You: Soul Care and Mindful Movement for Overcoming Addiction. As a former professional dancer who performed on Broadway in Disney’s The Lion King, his love of movement inspired him to become the highly acclaimed Qigong and Pilates teacher that he is today. Steven lives a joyful life of recovery and is passionate about helping others as they navigate towards health and happiness.

In this episode we talk about his personal experience of recovery and explore practical ways for Recovering You.

0:00 - Intro
02:15 - The Inspiration Behind His Book Recovering You
06:45 - What is Qigong?
12:25 - Changing Your State Through Your Breath & Body (Practical Exercise)
17:41 - Returning To Self
21:50 - His Personal Recovery Journey Back To Self
34:35 - What is Soul Care?
37:35 - Connecting To A Higher Power
45:00 - His Personal Practices
48:35 - How To Loosen Shame's Grip
54:00 - Dance As Energy Medicine
57:35 - Healing Sounds in Qigong (Practical Exercise)

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