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What Happens In A Family Session

During a session you lie or sit comfortably, fully clothed, and focus on relaxation. Sound is applied to your body using voice, instruments, chimes and/or music. Sessions are 75mins including consultation. 

Click here to learn about the general benefits of sound healing and check out my frequently asked questions.

Family sound healing sessions may help you to: 

  • Bring balance back to the home
  • Offer a space for reconnecting
  • Individual healing
  • Family healing

Sound can also be used to overcome emotional upheaval by helping you to access deep states of relaxation, where healing can take place.

Each session is unique to YOUR family and so whatever healing you need is what will be addressed.

What you need for your session:

  • Living room space that can fit all family members plus Simone (up to 5 family members) either sitting or lying down.
  • Blankets and cushions for your comfort.
  • Water following the session.


How To Book

To enquire about booking in a family session, please contact Simone directly.