Voice-Led Sound Bath

Sound healing uses sound frequencies, resonance and vibration therapeutically, to balance a person holistically (body, mind, spirit) in order to create harmony, balance and well being.

Simone's approach to a sound bath is unique; as it is voice centered. She uses use her voice (and a few instruments), to guide you into deep state of relaxation where healing can take place.


Booking Enquiries

If you would like to book Simone for your yoga studio, health and well being space, or corporate event, please use this form to get in touch directly.

"Simone came into our school during Mental Health Awareness Week and worked with primary and secondary students, as well as staff. She provided a safe, comfortable space for both children and adults to experience the power of sound healing and their own voices. Staff and students alike had powerful experiences with Simone. I hope we will have opportunities to work with her again."

J Arnoldi – Social Emotional Counsellor / PSHE Curriculum Coordinator - Lycée International London

"I have attended a number of Simone’s soundbaths; I come back for the singing, the sounding, for the relaxing feeling in the end, for the answers, for the vivid and colourful visuals during sessions, the healing. I come back for Simone, who always tries to help us understand and gain more insights into how we can use sound to heal. But most of all I come back for the people and the lovely community that’s been created around these sound baths, like a little oasis in the madness of London :-) "

A Sofianou - Artist, Teacher, Entrepreneur