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Soulfull Sound Podcast

Soulfull Sound Podcast

Hosted by: Simone Niles

Simone Niles is a coach, sound healer, vocalist and author. The Soulfull Sound Podcast is about celebrating the leaders, teachers and coaches who guide fellow humans to connect, heal and discover themselves so they...

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049: How To Find Your Authentic Voice

In this Soulfull Sound conversation I’m joined by a group of awesome individuals who are experts in the field of voice, sound and music, just to name a few.  I’m joined by the wonderful Michelle Escoffery who is an...
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048: The Time For Healing Is Now

Was there ever a time where healing wasn't needed? No, but if there was a time that it was truly required, that is now.You can't heal something that you're avoiding or ignoring. It must be faced head on. Open your...
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047: Finding Opportunity Within Challenge

In this Soulfull Sound conversation I’m joined by a group of amazing individuals who happen to be some of my nearest and dearest. I am fortunate to be joined by Raphan Kebet, a somatic movement teacher and trainer who...
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046: Michelle Escoffery On Music, Spirit And Life Balance

In this Soulfull Sound conversation I’m joined by the beautiful Michelle Escoffery who is an Award Winning British Singer, Songwriter and Vocal Producer, having consistently amassed accolades as one of the UK’s most...
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044: Create A Life You Love - Soulfull Sound Motivation

Whose life are you living? And are you loving your life? We all have an opportunity to create and design a life we love. A life that is filled with joy, happiness, fulfilment and a life that is aligned with our...
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043: How To Be A Self-Starter

Motivation is a huge topic, but there are some simple strategies that can help you be a self-starter so that you can get things done efficiently and take action on what matters to you. What I want to share with you is...
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045: How To Get Clarity On Your Path

Sometimes we feel as though we have reached a place in our lives where the path ahead of us is unclear. I mean right now this is the case for a lot of us during this global shift. Living from day to day not quite sure...
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042: Birgitta Ronn On Healing The Body And The Mind

In this Soulfull Sound conversation I speak with the lovely Birgitta Ronn, who is a solution focused hypnotherapist passionate about helping people transform their lives. In this conversation Birgitta shares her...
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041: 5 Signs You're Committed To Change - Soulfull Sound Coaching

Today’s topic is about change. Change is not easy, simply because requires you to move outside of your comfort zone. Also, because our unconscious minds are naturally wired to avoid pain – part of our innate flight or...
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040: Start Before You're Ready - Soulfull Sound Motivation

Today is all you have, don’t wait for tomorrow to start.If you’re working on something meaningful and important to you, then you’ll never feel ready. You will most likely at times feel uncertain, inadequate, and not...
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039: The Myth Of Certainty - Soulfull Sound Coaching

I really wanted to touch on the topic of certainty from the perspective that certainty is a myth. With everything that's going on in the world right now people are feeling insecure and uncertain about things in their...
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038: Solomon Golding on The Inner And Outer World Of Dance

In this episode of the Soulfull Sound podcast, I’m joined by the very talented Solomon Golding. London born; Solomon is quickly becoming one of the brightest talents in the dance world and has made history by becoming...
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