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070: Chris Assaad on Voice Alchemy, Heart Opening & Wholeness

On today’s episode of the Soulfull Sound Podcast, I am joined by the beautiful Chris Assaad who is a multi-talented artist, singer-songwriter, wordsmith and speaker. His creations are pure alchemy that open the heart and inspire, returning us to a connection with our wholeness and Oneness with all that is.

We dove deep into the concept of voice alchemy, a unique process that combines scientific and spiritual concepts to unblock and free the voice. As we discussed the importance of reconnecting with one's authentic voice, we touched on the role of cultural conditioning in limiting vocal expression and the unintentional contraction that occurs as a result. We also explored the concept of falling in love with our voice, embracing our sonic fingerprint, and using our voice as medicine for our emotional and physical well-being.

The conversation took a turn towards music as a spiritual practice, discussing the therapeutic and healing aspects of music-making and how creating music can be an intentional, devotional, and spiritual practice. Finally, we delved into the concept of making room for magic in the creative process and the story behind the creation of Chris' latest album, "Golden. " We explored the vulnerable and cathartic nature of music-making and the importance of self-witnessing and taking risks in sharing our unique voices. Join me in this soulful and insightful conversation with Chris Assaad, as we explore the power of the voice and the transformative possibilities it holds for our lives.

Points Of Discussion:

0:01:08 - Exploring Voice Through Music and Transformation
0:15:05 - Social Media Impact on Expression 
0:22:20 - Falling in Love With Your Voice 
0:27:39 - Processing and Transmuting Emotions
0:31:28 - Music as Medicine 
0:37:49 - The Art of Conversation and Music 
0:39:16 - Exploring Music and Voice as Instruments 
0:46:58 - Finding Healing Through Music 
0:50:35 - Letting Go of Artistic Creation 


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About Chris Assaad

Chris Assaad is a multi-talented artist, singer-songwriter, wordsmith and speaker. His songs are pure alchemy that open the heart and inspire, connecting us to our wholeness and oneness with all that is. Chris is an up-and-coming artist within the conscious music community and wellness & transformation movement opening up for musical artists Trevor Hall, Ayla Nereo, Michael Franti and Nick Mulvey. He has been growing an international grassroots community, sharing his eclectic blend of soulful roots music, heart-opening songs and stories with audiences in Canada, Australia, the US and Europe.
Chris recently put the finishing touches on his upcoming album entitled GOLDEN. His most raw and vulnerable album to date was recorded in Victoria, BC in collaboration with producer Joby Baker (Deva Premal & Miten, Alex Cuba) who also produced Assaad’s LION LP.
Chris’ artist journey began with a leap several years ago to follow his heart and passion for music. Just as he began exploring his love of singing and songwriting he was suddenly faced with a rapidly progressing hereditary hearing loss condition. Nearly two years and several surgeries later, Chris's hearing was restored and he was given a second chance, further cementing his path of a life dedicated to his artistry. He has become an inspirational voice for others to follow their creative and spiritual paths towards living a life they love.

Chris also has a deep passion and unique gift for supporting others in liberating their voice, amplifying their authentic self-expression and tapping into their infinite creative potential. He has developed his own Voice Alchemy method to help clients access the healing power of their voice, weaving practical tools, ancient wisdom and multiple healing modalities to bring forth the full potency of their unique soul song and expression. Chris is also the creator of Follow Your Art, a lovingly-crafted online program and detailed map to support the creative journey.

The GOLDEN album is out now and available on all platforms in partnership with White Swan Records & Black Swan Sounds.


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