063: Marta Salcedo on Empowerment Through Mindset, Movement, Breathwork & Rituals

On today’s episode of the Soulfull Sound Podcast, I am joined by the beautiful Marta Salcedo who is an empowerment coach guiding women back to their power through mindset work, movement, breathwork and rituals.

In this episode we talk about her personal healing journey and how she helps women heal through the body, sensuality, improvisation and surrender.

Points Of Discussion:

- Personal Journey Into Her Work
- Body, Dance & Sensuality
- From Head to Heart
- Dancehall & African Dance
- Responsibly Using Plant Medicine
- Working Through Childhood Trauma
- Remembering and Unlearning
- Breaking the Mould
- Women's Challenges Today
- Archetypes and Cycles
- Divine Masculine & Feminine


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About Marta Salcedo

Marta is an Empowerment Coach and Embodiment Guide. Marta’s teachings help you remember the power and love that you have within you so that you can live a life in true alignment with your purpose and values. She uses different healing modalities such as movement, neuro linguistic programming, breath work, meditation, and rituals. Her mission is to support women and men unlock their fullest potential so that they can become the heart centered leaders they came here to be.



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