056: Thoughts On The Four Agreements

We're back for part three of the 'family affair'! 

In this Soulfull Sound conversation I’m joined by a group of amazing individuals who happen to be some of my nearest and dearest. I am fortunate to be joined by Raphan Kebe, Calvin Niles and Dr. Saida Désilets.

If you haven’t already watched/listened to our previous episodes make sure to check out “Finding Opportunity Within Challenge” and "The Inside Out Approach To Life".

In this episode, we share our thoughts on 'The Four Agreements', extracted from the book written by Don Miguel Ruiz, which are as follows:

  • Agreement 1: Be Impeccable With Your Word.
  • Agreement 2: Don't Take Anything Personally.
  • Agreement 3: Don't Make Assumptions.
  • Agreement 4: Always Do Your Best.
  • Agreement 5: Be skeptical, but learn to listen (a bonus one recently added)

 Tune in for the full scoop!


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