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When I look back at my life about 3 years ago and I compare it to where I am now, sometimes I can’t even believe myself for how deep and mind blowing the transformation has been.

When I first got in touch with Simone enquiring about her programme, I was going through a very difficult time of uncertainty, in basically every aspect of my life. I felt out of alignment with who I truly am. 

At that moment I was prioritising my career, as I was sinking in frustration for not being in control of my time and for not being able to afford much, despite working very hard. I had dreams like we all do of course, and I felt I had inside me the potential to make those dreams a reality but I didn’t know where to start from.

That was the trigger that got me to make that phone call to Simone; to discover later, that that choice was only the first step towards unlocking my potential in all aspects of my life starting from my career, to my personal and social life, and last but not least my health.

In that moment an exceptional and extraordinary transformation process began.

I went from being a frustrated, often broke, insicure, unhappy actress and voice artist hoping to crack the next audition and secretly dreaming of travelling the world and being my own boss… to.. a West End actress, established voice artist working for major TV projects internationally, vocal tutor of amazing talents including Broadway singers, and an avid traveller, counting over 12 countries visited only in the past 2 years.

My story speaks for itself and there is one person I mostly feel gratitude for, and this person can only be Simone.

First of all Simone gave me clarity, and made me understand how paramount this is.

She took away from me the feeling of being the only one to count on, when pursuing a goal.

She gave me technical tools on how to set a goal, take action, accomplish it.

She taught me that sometimes what we think we want, is not always what our heart wants, our minds sometimes get in our way, and Simone has the amazing ability to speak to your heart so deeply and directly that most of the time during our sessions I experienced the feeling that I had encountered my true self like I had never done before.

She gives you the strength, not her strength, but helps you to access yours and once you've accessed it, she gives you the tools to make the most of it.

Oh, I feel like I could add to this list forever!

Simone operates at 360’, considering all aspects of your life, and also being an expert sound healing therapist, among all the other abilities and skills she has, she’s now helping me dealing with a long running condition I have and I can’t wait to see the results.

And now that my life is exactly where I wanted it to be, 2 years later and still going strong! I’m looking forward to working with Simone again on the achievement of my next goals; to take my career and personal life beyond the dream I’m living.

I really believe anybody would benefit of a coach. I’m sure there are many brilliant ones out there.

But, Simone is simply the best!