This guided sonic meditation is designed to help you activate and connect with your heart energy. It focuses on love, expansion and igniting the energy that supports an open heart.

The benefits:

  • Building immunity and enhanced breathing.
  • Releasing old wounds and/or emotions.
  • Feeling more love and more loved.
  • Being open to new ideas and ways of being.
  • More in touch with your intuition.

This is great for you if:

  • You feel guarded with matters of the heart and want to be more open.
  • You want to be more loving towards yourself and others.
  • You wish to release old patterns around heartbreak or loss.
  • You want to add some creativity to your life.

How To Use This Product:

The sounds and frequencies may have a dreamy effect and so it is advised that you carve out uninterrupted time to listen to the track when you can sit/lie down and relax.

While listening, I invite you to hold an intention for activating your heart and for your highest good.

Sit back, listen, heal and transform.

Duration: 11:52 minutes

NB - Do not listen to this track while driving or doing something else. Listen only when you can relax with no interruptions.

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